Britain’s BBC switches to broadcast after news on Queen’s health 

The obituary of Queen Elizabeth II was announced at 6:30 p.m. London Time has sparked a series of mostly pre-scheduled broadcasts on UK channels.카지노사이트

Dubbed “Operation London Bridge” (codenamed “London Bridge Is Down”), the scheme set in motion a series of events in the royal court when her Queen died.

This included preparing to send a warning to the British media and people around them. The world goes around the world.

In modern-day irony, this involved sending out a tweet containing the announcement at 6:30pm. local time.

The British legend of her BBC One has already switched to continuous coverage of the Queen’s health, and she was reported to be worried just hours before her death.바카라사이트

Legendary host Hugh Edwards sat on the main podium in Studio E when the official announcement was made.

He mostly wore black clothes. This is the custom in England when a monarch dies. As per plan and tradition, the network read out the Queen’s death statement before displaying a full-length image of the royal coat of arms, followed by an elegant photo of Elizabeth, under which “God Save the Queen” played. (American viewers will recognize the melody as similar to “My Country, `Tis of Thee”).

ITV News and Sky News also followed similar steps after providing continued coverage of the Queen’s health.

Death triggers a series of important events for the continuation of the monarchy, including the various ceremonies and procedures associated with the coronation of Charles III.

Many of Britain’s major media outlets have reportedly been preparing for the Queen’s passing for a long time, rehearsing coverage under pseudonyms. , and other celebrity content is not uncommon.

As of at least 2007, part of the plan reportedly included the use of blue traffic lights linked to the country’s radio alarm transmission system to give advance warning to broadcasters of upcoming news. , allowing the monarch’s death to stop broadcasting whatever doesn’t happen. this is fine.온라인카지노

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